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Library News by Gloria Kinley & Stacey Shackel

September 23rd

Library News Gloria Kinley

A Call from beyond: When Kristi Stewart inherits a property in the old part of Savannah, she knows it comes with stories of hauntings. But she doesn't believe in ghosts, even while she runs seances for the guests of McLane House Bed-and-Breakfast. Until, the inexplicable midnight appearance of one of her infamous ancestors. Terrified, she flees into the night - and right into the arms of Dallas Wicker. Dallas is trying to uncover the truth about a colleague who died under suspicious circumstances. As strange happenings continue to plague Kristi's home, it is soon clear that there's a very living threat in the neighborhood - several people have disappeared without a trace. Dallas can't find any connection between the victims, but someone wanted them gone, and it might be linked to the history of McLane House. And that means Kristi should be very afraid. Heather Graham is a master of writing stories that weave the paranormal with the everyday as she proves in her new book called The Summoning.

A seemingly perfect marriage is threatened by the deadly secrets husband and wife keep from each other. Susannah, a young widow and single mother, has remarried well: to Max, a charismatic artist and popular speaker whose career took her and her 15-year-old son out of New York City and to a quiet Vermont university town. Strong-willed and attractive, Susannah expects her life is perfectly in place again. Then one quiet morning, she finds a note on her door: "I Know Who You Are."Max dismisses the note as a prank. But days after a neighborhood couple comes to dinner, the husband mysteriously dies in a tragic accident while on a run with Max. Soon thereafter, a second note appears on their door: "Did You Get Away with It?"Both Susannah and Max are keeping secrets from the world and from each other - secrets that could destroy their family and everything they have built. Thomas Christopher Greene's The Perfect Liar is a thrilling book told through the alternating perspectives of Susannah and Max with a shocking climax no one will expect.

1995, London. When Sir James Harrison, one the greatest actors of his generation, passes away at the age of 95 he leaves behind not just a heartbroken family but also a secret so shocking, so devastating that it could rock the English establishment to its core. Joanna Haslam is an ambitious young journalist assigned to cover the legendary actor's funeral. The great and the good of the celebrity world are there. But Joanna stumbles on something dark beneath the glamour: the mention of a letter James Harrison has left behind, the contents of which others have been desperate to conceal for over 70 years. As she peels back the veil of lies that has shrouded the secret, she realizes that there are other forces attempting to prevent her from discovering the truth. And they'll stop at nothing to reach the letter before she does. Every family has skeletons in their closet. And the British Royal family may be about to add a few more…. Find out in Lucinda Rriley’s book called The Royal Ssecret.

In this epic tale called Beyond The Shadow Of Night of friendship and loss from author Ray Kingfisher, fate pushes childhood friends to opposite sides of a terrible war - but is forgiveness always possible? Ukraine, 1923. On a small farm, two boys are born within days of each other, both Ukrainian, one Jewish. Mykhail and Asher grow up inseparable, together finding friendship, adventure and escape from the harshness of Russian rule. But after Asher's family flees to Warsaw, their worlds are torn to shreds by the Second World War. The war brings cruelty to both boys. Although Asher finds love in Warsaw, the city is far from the haven his family sought; meanwhile Mykhail becomes a victim of the bitter struggle for Ukraine. But worse follows, in the shape of the Treblinka death camp. There, both men must obey orders, and both find their morals compromised and their souls tortured. The inhuman horrors they witness cast long shadows. Many years later, their paths cross once more, and each man must confront the legacy of his actions. When the darkest of secrets can no longer be kept hidden, can their friendship survive the final reckoning?

 New Non Fiction

Leaving The Witness, by Amber Scorah, is the tale of exiting a religion and finding a life. After a lifetime of devotion to her religion, Amber Scorah was shunned by her family and friends as an apostate and found herself alone in Shanghai, thrown into a world she only know from the periphery, with no education or support system. This is her coming of-age story, as a woman already in her thirties who finds her freedom in one of the world’s most restrictive countries. In this unforgettable memoir, Amber examines what it’s like to start one’s life over again with an entirely new identity.

Krista Law