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Library Corner by Gloria Kinley & Library Lines by Andrea Trembath

Library Corner July 26th

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Agnete Friis's lyrical, evocative work of psychological suspense called The Summer of Ellen weaves together two periods in one man's life to explore obsession, toxic masculinity, and the tricks we play on our own memory. Jacob, a middle-aged architect living in Copenhagen, is in the alcohol-soaked throes of a bitter divorce when he receives an unexpected call from his great-uncle Anton. In his nineties and still living with his brother on their rural Jutland farm - a place Jacob hasn't visited since the summer of 1978 - Anton remains haunted by a single question: What happened to Ellen? To find out, Jacob must return to the farm and confront what took place that summer - one defined by his teenage obsession with Ellen, a beautiful young hippie from the local commune, and the unsolved disappearance of a local girl. In revisiting old friends and rivals, Jacob discovers the tragedies that have haunted him for over forty years were not what they seemed.
Secrets, lies, betrayal...and murder. Dr Kate English has it all. Not only is she heiress to a large fortune, she has a gorgeous husband and daughter, a high-flying career and a beautiful mansion anyone would be jealous of. But all that is about to change. One night, Kate's mother is found dead, murdered in her own home. And then Kate receives a message: You think you're sad now, just wait....Evidently, all is not as it seems in Baltimore high society, and as scandals, infidelities and betrayals are exposed, tensions rise to boiling point. The murderer could be anyone - friend, neighbour, lover, relative. And Kate is next on their list....The Last Time I Saw You, by Liv Cionstantine, raises the stakes, creating an exquisitely tension-filled and absorbing tale of psychological suspense in which innocent lives-and one woman’s sanity-hang in the balance.
The Butler family has had their share of trials - as sisters Althea, Viola, and Lillian can attest - but nothing prepared them for the literal trial that will upend their lives. Althea, the eldest sister and substitute matriarch, is a force to be reckoned with, and her younger sisters have alternately appreciated and chafed at her strong will. They are as stunned as the rest of the small community when she and her husband, Proctor, are arrested, and in a heartbeat, the family goes from one of the most respected in town to utter disgrace. The worst part is not even her sisters are sure exactly what happened. As Althea awaits her fate, Lillian and Viola must come together in the house they grew up in to care for their sister's teenage daughters. What unfolds is a stunning portrait of the heart and core of an American family in a story that is as pause-resisting as it is important. The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls, by Anissa Gray, is a dazzling debut novel about mothers and daughters, identity and family, ande how the relationships that sustain you can also be the ones that consume you.
They left four children safe upstairs. They came back to three. On the fifth floor of the White Caps Hotel, four young boys are left alone while their parents dine downstairs. But when one of the parents checks on the children at midnight, they discover one of them is missing. The boys swear they stayed in their room. CCTV confirms that none of them left the building. No trace of the child is found. Now the hunt is on to find him, before it's too late - and before the search for a boy becomes a search for a body....In Gone By Midnight, by Candice Fox, they thought he was safe upstairs. They were wrong.

New Non Fiction
Former LAPD detective Steve Hodel has devoted the last decade to examine the fascinating and mysterious life of his father, Dr. George Hill Hodel.His findings indicate that Hodel was among the most prolific serial killers in history, beginning as a young man and continuing to kill undetected throughout his long life of ninety-one years. Among his crimes may be some of the most enduring and infamous murders of the last century by a man who called himself Zodiac. In Most Evil, Steve Hodel compiles never-before-seen visual, circumstantial and forensic evidence to make the case against his father.

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