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Library News by Gloria Kinley & Stacey Shackel

Library Corner May 17th

New Fiction

Maria Weston wants to be friends with me. Maybe that had been the problem all along: Maria Weston had wanted to be friends with me, but I let her down. She's been hovering at the edge of my consciousness for all of my adult life, although I've been good at keeping her out, just a blurred shadow in the corner of my eye, almost but not quite out of sight. Maria Weston wants to be friends. But Maria Weston has been dead for more than twenty-five years. A read-it-in-one-sitting thriller…Twisty and gripping but always reliable, Friend Request, by Laura Marshall, is the ultimate it-could-happen-to-you read.

The Husbands, by T. J. Brearton, is a breath taking crime thriller full of shocking twists and turns. He kills their wives. He destroys their families. Then he comes after the husbands. "Do you want to know who killed your wife?" he asks. Kelly Roth, FBI profiler, returns home to Syracuse to stop a sadistic serial killer. Three murders in three separate jurisdictions in central New York State have the same pattern: women killed by fatal headshots from a hunting rifle. Kelly Roth is sent from Virginia to help the local police. Each victim was found murdered in a remote area or in a quiet park.The media call him "The Park Killer." But Kelly doesn't think the killer lurks in the bushes. She thinks he hunts his victims somewhere else. Is he really contacting the bereaved husbands or is this just someone playing a sick game? Kelly will risk her own life in a heart-stopping race against time to stop more murders and find out the truth. How far would you go to discover who killed your wife?

High-octane action, celebrity glamour, and endless possibilities for danger meet in this fast-paced debut novel by Joseph Reid called Take Off. Still reeling from a devastating personal tragedy, air marshal turned investigator Seth Walker embarks on his first case. All he has to do is accompany female pop star Max Magic to Los Angeles and deliver her to the FBI. But when their routine flight ends in a hail of gunfire at LAX, Walker has no choice but to take the frightened diva on the run. After a second attack leaves him battered and bloody, Walker realizes he cannot trust the FBI. To keep his client alive, he must use a patchwork of trusted aviation contacts to get her home to Austin, where the key suspects await. But as they race to stay one step ahead of their deadly pursuers, the biggest danger of all may be what they're heading toward - the dark secrets that Max herself has been keeping...

In this intense and intimate family portrait that moves at a thriller's pace, a troubled woman faces a gripping moral dilemma after rescuing two abandoned children from a hurricane. On the outskirts of North Carolina's Outer Banks sits the Paradise, an apartment complex where renters never stay long enough to call the place "home" - and neighbors are seldom neighborly. It's ideal for Sara Lennox, who moved there to escape a complicated past - and even her name - and rebuild a new life for herself under the radar. But Sara cannot help but notice the family next door, especially twelve-year-old Cassie and five-year-old Boon. She hears rumors and whispers of a recent tragedy slowly tearing them apart. When a raging storm threatens then slams the coastal community, Sara makes a quick, bold decision: Rescue Cassie and Boon from the storm and their broken home - without telling a soul. But this seemingly noble act is not without consequences. Some lethal. Carla Buckley crafts a richly rewarding psychological portrait, combining a heart-wrenching family drama with high-stakes suspense, as the lives of three characters intertwine in an unforgettable story of fury, fate - and redemption called The Liar’s Child.

New Non Fiction

Growing Fruit In Northern Gardens by Sara Williams and Bob Bors is a definitive guide to growing fruit in colder zones. From saskatoons to sea buckthorn, this book covers fruit both familiar and esoteric. It includes more than 20 species and almost 200 varieties- from heritage plums introduced over a century ago to the most recent releases of dwarf sour cherries. This book supplies problem-solving information on hardiness, propagation, pollination, soil, water, mulch and pruning. Then comes the stuff you really don’t want to know about like weeds, diseases, insects, and other pests, along with their prevention and control. 

Krista Law