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Library Corner by Gloria Kinley & Library Lines by Andrea Trembath

Library Lines March 28th

Just After Midnight by Catherine Ryan Hyde. No longer tolerating her husband’s borderline abuse, Faith escapes to her parents’ California beach house to plan her next move. She never dreamed her new chapter would involve befriending Sarah, a fourteen-year-old on the run from her father and reeling from her mother’s sudden and suspicious death. While Sarah’s grandmother scrambles to get custody, Faith is charged with spiriting the girl away on a journey that will restore her hope: Sarah implores Faith to take her to Falkner’s Midnight Sun, the prized black mare that her father sold out from under her. Sarah shares an unbreakable bond with Midnight and can’t bear to be apart from her. Throughout the sweltering summer, as they follow Midnight from show to show, Sarah comes to terms with what she witnessed on the terrible night her mother died. But the journey is far from over. Faith must learn the value of trusting her instincts—and realize that the key to her future, and Sarah’s, is in her hands. 

Gone But Not Forgotten- Tales of the disappearing grain elevators is a treasure trove of stories that reach beyond the buildings of timber and nails and put a human face on the history of these towering structures that once represented prosperity and stability on the Prairie landscape. Through a series of biographical sketches and photographs, this book portrays a vivid picture of life in and around Prairie grain elevators over the past century.

Make It Ahead! 100+ recipes that make life easier and tastier. Whether you need a family meal that’s ready when you get home from work or a show-stopping dessert to serve guests, make-ahead dishes take the stress out of cooking.

Krista Law