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Library Lines January 31st

Library Lines

 Stephanie Plum faces the toughest puzzle of her career in Look Alive Twenty-Five, the twenty-fifth entry in Janet Evanovich's #1 New York Times-bestselling series.There's nothing like a good deli, and the Red River Deli in Trenton is one of the best. World-famous for its pastrami, cole slaw, and for its disappearing managers. Over the last month, three have vanished from the face of the earth, and the only clue in each case is one shoe that's been left behind. The police are baffled. Lula is convinced that it's a case of alien abduction. Whatever it is, they'd better figure out what's going on before they lose their new manager, Ms. Stephanie Plum. 

In this captivating narrative (enlivened with more than seventy original illustrations and photographs), Steve Brusatte, a young American paleontologist who has emerged as one of the foremost stars of the field—naming fifteen new species and leading ground-breaking scientific studies and fieldwork—masterfully tells the complete, surprising, and new history of the dinosaurs, drawing on cutting-edge science to dramatically bring to life their lost world and illuminate their enigmatic origins, spectacular flourishing, astonishing diversity, cataclysmic extinction, and startling living legacy. Captivating and revelatory, The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs is a book for the ages. 

Arthritis and Inflammation- 21 Days of Menus. Your diet can help reduce inflammation and joint pain. Are your joints swollen and painful? Do you have trouble getting up in the morning, walking or climbing stairs? Although no diet can cure arthritis and inflammation, anti-inflammatory foods can help reduce inflammation and joint pain. This guide specifically addresses your needs by allowing you to: understand the different types of arthritis and inflammation; easily identify the best foods for your condition; plan and diversify your meals and snacks with daily menus; Discover tasty and easy to prepare recipes: Sweet Potato Soup with Ginger, Végépâté with Root Vegetables, Coconut Crusted Salmon, Truffles, etc.

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