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Library Corner by Gloria Kinley & Library Lines by Andrea Trembath

Library Corner December 14th

New Fiction 

Crimes Of The father, by Thomas Keneally is a courageous and powerful novel about faith, the church, conscience and celibacy.  Excommunicated to Canada due to his radical preaching on the Vietnam War and other human rights causes, Father Frank Docherty is now a psychologist and monk. He returns to Australia to speak on abuse in the church and unwittingly is soon listening to stories from two different people - a young man via his suicide note and an ex-nun - who both claim to have been sexually abused by an eminent Sydney cardinal. This senior churchman is himself currently empannelled in a commission investigating sex abuse within the church. As a man of character and conscience, Father Docherty finds he must confront each party involved in the abuse and cover-up to try to bring the matter to the attention of the church itself, and to secular authorities. This riveting, profoundly thoughtful novel is both an exploration of faith as well as an examination of marriage, of conscience and celibacy and of what has become one of the most controversial institutions, the Catholic Church.

Twenty years ago, 11-year-olds Charlie Page and Scott Ashby were murdered, their bodies dumped near a dog racing track. A man was convicted of the brutal crime but, decades later, questions still linger. For his whole life, filmmaker Cody Swift has been haunted by the deaths of his childhood friends. Hoping to uncover new evidence, Cody starts a podcast to record his findings. But there are many people who don't want the case reopened, especially Charlie's mother, Jess, who decides to take matters into her own hands. When another body is found in the same location where the boys were left decades before, the disturbing discovery launches another murder investigation. Now Detective John Fletcher, the investigator on the original case, must reopen his dusty files and decide if the two murders are linked. With his career in jeopardy, the clock is ticking and lives are in jeopardy....from Gilly Macmillan comes this original, chilling and twisted mystery about two shocking murder cases twenty years apart and the threads that bind them in her new novel called I Know You Know.

The dramatic, gripping new Cooper & Fry crime thriller from Stephen Booth called Fall Down Dead sees the stunning Peak District backdrop prove fatal for one walking party -They knew the danger, but they went anyway... "Almost before she'd stopped breathing, a swirl of mist snaked across her legs and settled in her hair, clutching her in its chilly embrace, hiding her body from view. It would be hours before she was found." The mountain of Kinder Scout offers the most incredible views of the Peak District, but when thick fog descends there on a walking party led by enigmatic Darius Roth, this spectacular landscape is turned into a death trap that claims a life. For DI Ben Cooper however, something about the way Faith Matthew fell to her death suggests it was no accident, and he quickly discovers more than one of the hikers may have had reason to murder their companion. To make things worse, his old colleague DS Diane Fry finds herself at center of an internal investigations storm that threatens to drag Cooper down with it.

From author A.J Banner comes a gripping thriller about an engagement party gone fatally awry called After Nightfall.
Imagine your closest friend utterly betraying you. Years later, when she seeks forgiveness, you invite her to your engagement party as a gesture of reconciliation. But seething hostilities rise to the surface, ruining everyone's evening. After an awful night, your friend's battered, lifeless body is found at the bottom of a rocky cliff. Newly engaged Marissa Parlette is living this nightmare. She should be celebrating her upcoming wedding, but she can't shake the image of her friend lying dead on the beach. Did she fall? Was she pushed? Or did she take a purposeful step into darkness? Desperate for answers, Marissa digs deep into the events of the party. But what she remembers happening after nightfall now carries sinister implications: the ugly sniping, the clandestine meetings, the drunken flirtations. The more she investigates, the more she questions everything she thought she knew about her friends, the man she once trusted, and even herself. 

New non Fiction 

Enjoy bowlfuls of satisfying home-cooked meals served straight from the crock pot slow cooker! Choose from more than 85 delicious recipes for meat lovers, vegetarians, side dishes, amazing deserts and more. Try beefy Tortellini, Pork Tenderloin Chili or Chicken Orzo Soup for busy weeknight meals. Or discover a fantastic new recipe for Shakshuka or Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff. You’ll love the convenient preparation and your family will love the variety displayed in this book called Crock Pot Bowls.

Krista Law