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Library Lines November 8th

In Gratitude of Silence

By: Debbie Holick

Silent now the soldiers sleep, their tales long laid to rest. 
I knew them not yet still I weep and place a poppy o'er my breast. 
They were husbands, brothers, fathers, sons; so valiantly they fought. 
On shores stained red, on hands and knees; it was our freedom that they sought. 
Courageously they stood their ground but freedom carries a cost. 
Thousands of men were wounded and countless lives were lost. 
So in gratitude of silence and all those who have served, 
sleep now, you have earned it. Your peace is well deserved. 

A Crown of Life: The world of John McCrae by Dianne Graves was donated “To the citizens of Roblin Municipality for their enjoyment and comprehension” from the Royal Canadian Legion Br. #86 pres. Bob Yake, and we are grateful and honoured to have it on our shelf.

The words of soldier-doctor-poet Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae are called to mind every year on 11 November, for it is was his poem “In Flanders Fields” that was inspirational in the adoption of the poppy as the symbol of remembrance. This book offers a window on a vanished age, and a reminder of the very high price paid to preserve freedom.

Krista Law